SMILE Treatment

SMILE Treatment

SMILE Treatment

SMILE Treatment enables an extremely fast, safe and comfortable treatment if the progression of the disorder has stopped and the corneal structure is suitable in patients aged 18 years or older and have myopic astigmatism disorder. It is a new technology and a new generation treatment. There is no stage of removing a flap from the cornea as in the Femto-LASIK surgery. It is not a superficial treatment such as no touch treatment.

If we think of our cornea as a 500-page book, the Femtosecond laser separates the cornea into discs of a certain thickness, starting from the 135th page, and this piece is removed from a very small corneal canal, which is again opened with a laser. In other words, it performs the corneal flattening at the deep layers of cornea. Myopia up to -10 and astigmatism up to -5 can be treated. It is performed with drop anesthesia, and it takes for about 5-6 minutes in total. There is no need to close the eyes after the treatment, the patient can go home with eyes open. Eye watering and stinging complaints can be seen for 3-4 hours after the procedure. The day after procedure, most patients return to their daily life. After the treatment, drug should be used for about a month. The healing process is very fast.

It also provides treatment in patients with thin cornea. The strength of the cornea is greater in the area close to the anterior surface. Since the SMILE treatment is performed at the relatively weaker layers of the cornea; it makes a positive difference in terms of corneal biomechanics. This procedure has a low risk of eye dryness. In this respect, it is a much safer method. Femto-LASIK treatment is not applied for myopia in clinics that have this device, SMILE treatment should be preferred.

Why SMILE Laser

- Suitable for thin corneal structure
- Less risk of dry eyes
- Possibility to treat high eye disorder up to 10
- A safe process that preserves the Corneal Biomechanics
- No surgical stage
- Fast recovery time

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