Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Private Uğur Eye Hospital aims to invest in the future of being the primary (first) healthcare institution with the understanding of Institutional Hospital, which constantly follows advanced technology and information opportunities, and which is preferred by its patients, in order to be the most reliable hospital in its field.

Our Mission

We maintain our feature of using the latest technologies in the field of health in the best way with qualified physicians and health professionals who have internalized professional ethics and presented all these to the society under suitable economic conditions.

Our Vision

We aim to maintain our determination to ensure patient satisfaction by achieving excellence in our medical services, and to become a brand in our environment first and then the model.

Our Values

Being focused on patient satisfaction,
Patient happiness is the most important source of motivation for all our staff,
To be open to innovation and to maintain efficiency,
To be in an environment of respect and trust,,

Our Patient Satisfaction Policy

Focusing on patient satisfaction is our most important corporate value. In this context, we are committed to respond in a transparent, understandable and objective way to the requests, complaints and suggestions from our patients as soon as possible and within the framework of the principle of confidentiality, and in an accessible manner at all times in accordance with the legal regulations and contractual obligations. to resolve the complaints and to constantly resolve the problems arising from this. We are committed to improvement.

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